Rental Application

To apply for a lease please complete all required information in our online application form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.Tenant Application Form to Download [Tenants Application Form ]
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Please download this form, complete and fax with copies of your identification to Geoff Nixon Real Estate
Fax: (03) 9523 0714
Note: Applications will only be processed after confirmation of inspection of the property.

Number of occupants






PREVIOUS OCCUPATION (if employed at your current job for less than two years)

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For your security please complete the verification Field.


I hereby offer to rent the property from the owner under a lease to be prepared by the Agent. Should this application be accepted by the landlord I agree to enter into a Residential Tenancies Agreement pursuant to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997.
I acknowledge that this application is subject to the approval of the owner/landlord. I declare that all information contained in this application is true and correct and given of my own free will. I declare that I have inspected the premises and have not declared bankrupt.
I authorise the Agent to obtain personal information from:
  • the owner or the Agent of my current or previous residence;
  • my personal referees and employer/s;
  • any record, listing or database of defaults by tenants;
If I default under a rental agreement, the Agent may disclose details of any such default to a tenancy default database, and to agents/landlords of properties I may apply for in the future.
I am aware that the Agent will use and disclose my personal information in order to:
  • communicate with the owner and select a tenant
  • prepare lease/tenancy documents
  • allow organizations/tradespeople to contact me
  • lodge/claim/transfer to/from the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority
  • refer to Tribunals/Courts & Statutory Authorities (where applicable)
  • refer to collection agents/lawyers (where applicable)
  • complete a credit check with NTD (National Tenancies Database - Phone 1300 563 826 – Email
  • transfer water account details into my name
I am aware that if information is not provided or I do not consent to the uses to which personal information is put, the Agent cannot provide me with the lease/tenancy of the premises.


  • Initial payments must be made by cash, bank cheque, money order or credit card within 48 hours of application approval. No personal cheques accepted.
  • The bond payment must be paid by bank cheque or money order made payable to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority.
  • All rental payments are due one month in advance as stipulated in your lease agreement. Part payments will not be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made with our office.
  • Our preferred methods of payment are direct debit, cash, bank cheque or internet transfer.
  • All relevant documentation must be completed and signed and all payments made before keys to the property are provided.
  • I acknowledge that it is the tenants responsibility to check with the telephone provider before proceeding with the tenancy to confirm the status of the telephone line.
  • I acknowledge that I have read and understood the privacy statements contained on this application form.
  • I acknowledge that my application is subject to the Owners' approval and the availability of the premises on the due date. No action shall be taken by the applicant against the Landlord or Agent if the applicant is unsuccessful or circumstances arise whereby the property is not available for occupation on the due date. I accept that rental amounts are subject to change by providing the required notice.
  • I acknowledge that the property has been inspected by the applicant and is accepted in an "as is" or present condition and cleanliness. The Tenant accepts that the Landlord is not obliged to make any improvements to the property.

Free Utility Connection

On the Move website

A Free Service to connect your utilities with On the Move

If you would like assistance (at no additional charge) with the connection of telephone, electricity and gas to your new home then tick the "Contact me about Utilities Connections" box in the application form. We will reduce your stress and save you time by arranging to connect the utilities at the rental property. We will contact you within 2 hours to confirm. Terms & Conditions: by ticking the "Contact me about Utilities Connections" box, you are consenting to On The Move contacting you to arrange your services. On The Move may need to disclose personal information to utility companies to arrange your services. On The Move and your agent may receive a benefit for arranging our services. On The Move & your Agent do not accept responsibility for any delay or failure to connect your services. Standard connection fees & bonds may apply.

On the Move Contact Details

Phone : 1300 850 360
Fax : 1300 661 160
Email :
Web Site :

Required Identification

All applicants will be required to provide 100 points of identification as that need to accompany this application as listed below:
Drivers Licence 50 points
Passport 50 points
Proof of Age Card 50 points
Student ID 50 points
Copy of mobile phone account 20 points
Copy of medicare card 20 points
Concession / pension card 10 points
Copy of gas / water / electricity account 30 points each


Geoff Nixon Real Estate Pty Ltd agency respects your right to privacy. We are bound by and adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles ("Principles") contained in the Privacy Act 1988 ("Privacy Act"). Those Principles regulate most of our activities with respect to personal information collected, stored, used and disclosed by us. The information collected from you in this form is required for us to consider your application to rent a property that we manage and to generally carry out our role as property managers including for the ongoing management of your tenancy. To carry out this role, we may disclose the personal information you have provided to us to third parties including the following:
  • Landlord
  • The Landlord's lawyer, mortgagee or insurer
  • Referees you have nominated
  • Organisations or trades people required to carry out maintenance to the premises
  • Rental bond authorities or rent bond insurance providers
  • Residential Tenancy Tribunals and courts
  • Debt collection agents
  • National Tenancy Database (NTD) a division of VEDA Advantage Information Services and Solutions Limited ABN 26 000 602 862
In addition, your personal information will be added to our database and may be used by us to contact you in relation to other properties, for marketing purposes and for other purposes relating to our agency's functions and activities. You can contact us to access the personal information we are holding, correct or complain about our handling of your personal information :
By Phone: (03) 9528 4422
Facsimile: (03) 9523 0714
Or in person at 704 Glenhuntly Road, Caulfield South Victoria 3162
Our privacy Policy provides further details about how we will manage your personal information and can be found at our website and can be provided to you in another format upon request.

National Tenancy Database

NTD Privacy Policy is available (in part) on the NTD website for your information or a copy is available at our office upon request. You can contact National Tenancy Database and ask for access to any of your personal information stored on the database by writing to them at:
Postal Address:  GPO Box 13294, George Street, Brisbane, Qld. 4003
Fax:  07 3009 0619
Telephone:  1300 563 826
For further information about NTD and NTD'S Privacy Policy, visit the website: Please note, when requesting a copy of the personal information the NTD hold about you, proof of identity will be required e.g. Australian drivers licence, passport etc. NTD collects the following information in accordance with the APPS for the purpose of operating a tenancy database for risk management and risk assessment purposes and for identity verification. Generally, this information is collected from our members.
  • Full name, date of birth, gender, driver's licence number and occupation
  • Current and previous residential addresses
  • Contact details (phone, fax and email)
  • Details of rental history
Generally, personal information is used and disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected. The purposes for which NTD collects your personal information are:
  • Provision of a database for the use of property managers and real estate agents for risk assessment and risk management purposes
  • Provision of information to third parties with regard to your tenancy including but not limited to your landlord, your landlord's mortgagee or insurer, residential tenancy tribunals and courts, rent bond boards, mercantile agents, related corporate entities, Government agencies and departments and, in the case of commercial leases to credit bureaus.
In addition, there may be circumstances where NTD is required or authorized by law to disclose your personal information e.g. to an Ombudsman, tribunal, court, law enforcement agency or government department. If your personal information is not provided to NTD, the real estate agent/property manager will not be able to carry out their professional responsibilities and may not be able to provide you with a lease/tenancy of the premises. Please confirm that you have read this Tenancy Privacy statement by marking the check box on the application form opposite. (Please note: This form forms part of your application).